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Group Sub Group
Company Law (CL) Company Law MCA21 (ROC)
Company Law Regional Director (RD)
Company Law Board (CLB)
Company Law Liquidator office (OL)
Company Law Ministry of Corporate Affairs / Central Government (CG)
LLP (LLP) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Capital Market (CM) Capital Market (CM)
Take Over & Restructure (M&A) Legal Due Diligence & Takeover (DD)
Corporate – Governance – Restructure (CG)
Valuation and Business Modelling (BM)
Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Financial Services Loan / Funding (PF) Financial Services Loan / Funding (PF)
Tax Direct and Indirect (Tax) Tax Direct and Indirect (Tax)
Miscellaneous (Misc) Miscellaneous (Misc)

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