Company Law Board (CLB)

Filing the petitions before the Company Law Board.
seek extension of time for filing special resolution
Approach the Company Law Board to direct the company to allow an immediate inspection of Register of Investments, if inspection is refused.
Apply to the Company Law Board to direct the company to make repayment of matured deposits.
Approach the Company Law Board to obtain an appropriate order directing the company which has defaulted in repayment of any deposit or any interest.
Obtain sanction of the Company Law Board for issue of shares at a discount.
to issue further redeemable preference shares in lieu of irredeemable preference shares.
for rectification of Register of Members on any ground including refusal of registration of transfer/transmission of shares/debentures by the company.
for extending the period for delivery of certificate of debenture.
or non-receipt of share/debenture certificates.
application regarding failure of company to redeem debentures on due date.
application upon refusal of company to furnish copy of trust deed.
oppression and Mismanagement case
direct inspection of copies of instrument creating charges of Register of Charges.
direct inspection of registers or returns or to furnish the copies thereof
Appearing as an authorized representative before the Company Law Board

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