Company Law MCA21 – ROC

Convening Board Meeting and General Meetings.
Creation of Director Identification DIN 3
Updation Director Identification DIN 6
Preparation and Maintenance of Statutory Records and Registers.
Search and Inspection reports in respect of the companies from the Registrar of Companies for banks and financial institutions.
Creating Financial Charges and Filing appropriate document with the ROC. CHG 1, CHG4
Filing and appearing before the petitions before the Company Law Board.
Appearing as an authorized representative before the Company Law Board, Central Government, and Registrar of Companies.
ESOP Creation
MCA E-Filling All Form
Incorporation, Formation and Promotion of companies.
Compliance Services relating to change of name and objects,
shifting of company’s registered office from one state to Another
revision in authorized share capital increase , consolidation , Reduction etc
Merger Report Before ROC
appointment / termination / change of a Company’s Board of Directors and their remuneration to name a few.
Appearing as an authorized representative before the Registrar of Companies.
Change of Name Approval
Change of Object
Return of intimation of having beneficial interest in the shares not held in the company’s name
Allotment of Shares Right Issue , Private Placement and Preferential Allotment
Transfer of Shares,
Inspection Related matter
Issue of Share Certificate , Split , Consolidation Etc
Investor Complaint Before ROC
Annual Filing of Annual Report
Annual Filing of Annual Return
XBRL Conversion Efiling
appointment / termination / change of a Company’s KMP Managing Director, Company Secretaries , Whole Time Director and CFO and there Remuneration
Preparation and Maintenance of Board and General Meeting Minutes

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