Corporate Governance (CG)

Advising and implementation of Corporate Governance Standards set by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and Listing Agreement with the Stock Exchanges
Facilitating and bringing Independent Directors on the Board of Directors as well as training them on their rights, duties and responsibilities on the Board of Companies.
Advising and implementation of Secretarial Standards set by Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).
The Firm has the requisite expertise to provide services in the following areas associated with corporate restructuring:
Mergers, acquisitions and demergers.
Reduction of Share Capital.
Voluntary liquidation/liquidation and winding up of companies by the Court.
Procedural formalities in relation to issue of ESOP and ESOS.
Conversion of company from Private to Public and Public to Private.
Drafting, Implementing and Assistance in Buy Back scheme.
Financial restructuring assistance.
Preparing scheme of distribution of reserves.
Assistance in business / company takeover matters – Private Companies and Public Companies.
Managing Public Issue.

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