NCLT CS Manish Buchasia


Filing the petitions before the National Company Law Board
Insolvency Professional in Voluntary Liquidation Process by the corporate person
Initiation of corporate insolvency resolution process by financial creditor Sec 9 / operational creditor. Sec 7 / corporate applicant Sec 10
Interim / Misc Application for Withdrawal  CIRP Before COC
Revision of Director Report and Book of account Sec 131
Appeal to Tribunal for Restoration of struck off companies under section 252(3) of Companies Act, 2013
Mergers, acquisitions Amalgamation, and demergers matters.
Compounding of Certain Offences
Reduction of Share Capital Sec 60
Seek extension of time for filing special resolution
Application against Refusal of Registration Transfer
Application under Class Action
Appearing as an authorized representative before the National Company Law Tribunal

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